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A warm welcome
to our new website!

25 years – INFOMA is
celebrating its jubilee!

To add medium-sized and large-scale computers to the portfolio – that was the plan we started with in 1988. But shortly thereafter we had the idea of supporting the actions of local administrations with a user software developed specifically for their needs. After a quarter of a century, characterised by a pioneering spirit, commitment and pleasure in innovation, we can now proudly claim: We are the leading provider in the market!

Reason enough for thanking the people who share the responsibility for our corporate success: our customers, our partners and, above all, our employees. With their expertise, their practical experience and their commitment, they are a substantial foundation for our success – now and in the future.

Oliver Couvigny, Director

25 years – INFOMA is
celebrating its jubilee!

Ready-made solution for
SEPA conversion

With just one year to go, our customers are well prepared for the standardised European system for cashless payments SEPA. INFOMA® has already realised all the statutory requirements in newsystem® public; an extensive conversion concept has also been developed to accompany this complex project.

Information about the software conversion is available in the workshops held around the country. However, the practice-oriented process regarding the legal and organisational aspects is also taken into account.

Well prepared for
SEPA conversion

Software solution for creating municipal consolidated financial accounts

The Municipal Consolidated Financial Accounts module from the product family newsystem® public creates municipal consolidated financial accounts.

The INFOMA® module is the first and only procedure in Germany to be certified by TÜViT GmbH Essen. Certification was issued on the basis of the nationwide OKKSA test catalogue. The module has therefore been confirmed as a legally and functionally secure process according to the requirements specified for the individual areas of the municipal consolidated financial accounts.

INFOMA® is pleased with the certification; it gives all customers and users the security that they are using a tested, practice-oriented and legally compliant process.

First Germany-wide
TÜViT certification

    Your requirements
    are our challenges

    As one of the leading software and consultancy companies in the local authority market, we use more than two decades of competence and expertise to offer optimum support to public administrations and institutions on their path towards becoming modern service companies.

    With a great of commitment, a willingness to invest, and the knowledge of what subjects determine administrations' planning, we have developed a holistic range of products and services with future security.

    Our claim

    We always want to be one step ahead of the market. So we always keep an eye on current developments. Consequently, we are able to realise important subjects into our products quickly.

    Our approach

    We offer far more than just a conversion to the new financial accounting. We provide additional software and consultancy solutions for economic and effective actions to everyone, who sees double-entry bookkeeping as just a stage.

    What makes us special

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